What is Deshipro?


DeshiPro – a professional services marketplace on its way to make you smarter!

Local services or commerce in Bangladesh is still an awfully sloppy market that is still dependent on traditional way of phone calls, references and blind faith. F-commerce as based on Facebook is getting a bit of its positive growth due to heavy use of Facebook in the country. Sometimes you can find your desired professionals while they’re browsing Facebook.

But you just get the information and initial leads, and then you have to do all the work. And you can’t find all the right kind of people you’re looking for – let alone trust. You’ll have to talk to all of them individually and describe the whole thing again and again. My personal experience says so – once I post for a project, my inbox gets flooded and comments after comments on the post – nothing is synchronized which consumes more effort and kills my time.

In today’s fast paced world where people live on second screens, DeshiPro is for digital consumers in Bangladesh who uses internet regularly. DeshiPro connects those busy consumers with thousands of experienced and qualified professionals to accomplish their service needs. Unlike other traditional ways to hire professionals, DeshiPro ensures guaranteed service while saving their time, effort and money at the same time.


DeshiPro is more of a service marketplace, you may compare or refer to platforms like Sheba and Handymama, but has a far wider variety of services than all of them. And on DeshiPro the service providers shows interest and bid on you. If you need an interior designer or a physiotherapist, you fill out an extensive questionnaire – is that for house or office- or your rehabilitation or anything else? –and DeshiPro’s smart algorithm distributes your request to relevant and nearby pros, who then respond with a price and description of their services. You can check their profiles and portfolios and then make a decision whether to hire or not.

For example, it doesn’t require the consumer who’s looking for a photographer to call random five to ten photographers to make a good photography deal. Using DeshiPro by staying at the house with no phone call at all, he can find plenty of photographers who are really interested to do this task in one place and can select the most suitable one. This way he can save time, get the best deal out there, save energy which he would spend on asking other people and get reliable service cause at the end of the day if anything goes wrong DeshiPro will hold its client’s back with full responsibility.

Sounds good enough? Why not give it a try to accomplish your services today?


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