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Wedding – How to Plan Your Budget?


Wedding season, some look forward to it, others dread it, but regardless of where you stand on this issue, it’s here to stay for for a while. There is something magical about traditional Bengali weddings that make them a celebration unlike any other. So over the next few weeks we will introduce a series of wedding related articles that will make wedding planning a piece of cake. We will start with the ever so important topic of budgeting.

There are some simple things that can help make a big difference to your budget. Some aspects should not be compromised on and others can handle cutbacks.

The wedding date: If you decide this tactfully, it will lead you to major savings across multiple vendors and services. Just to give you an idea of potential discounts;

  • Photographers can charge upto 40% lesser in off season.

Photography:  Now this is somewhere where costs just should not be cut. The difference between a high end and low end photographer is huge. It’s a common mistake many people make. They spend a fortune on the dress, venue and entertainment, but decide to save on their photographer. A high end photographer can make even the lowest budget event look amazing.

Catering: It is true that people are more likely to remember the food that you served rather than how beautifully decorated your event was. For catering the emphasis should be on quality over quantity. It’s better to serve a few delicious items than numerous mediocre dishes.

Decor: Decor is something else, that with a bit of thinking can be executed amazingly on a budget.

  • Try and DIY as much as you can.
  • Research on the pricing of different flowers.
  • Paper flowers, fabric draping and candles are affordable decorations that can be ready in advance.
  • Size of the venue and whether it is indoor or outdoor will also affect your decor budget.
  • Don’t assume that lower budget decorators cannot pull off what you have in mind. Ask around and you’ll find low budget decorators who do amazing work.

Wedding outfit: It’s important to keep a budget in your mind for your outfit. It’s easy to fall in love with an outfit that is beyond budget so if this is decided in advance it will save you making regretful decisions.

  • Shop around – it’s easy to find variants of similar lehengas.  
  • Buying last season or in off season can also lead to discounts.

Makeup: One of the most common regrets brides have is in relation to makeup. Since this will be one the most photographed days of your life, its important that your makeup stays flawless throughout the night. Going with a high end makeup artist will ensure you have no regrets.

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