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10 Ways to Start Earning Money Today (Part 1)


Are you interested to run a part-time business while you’re studying or keeping your day job? Or maybe you’re willing to expand with a side business along with the current one? Or perhaps you’re just interested in entrepreneurship and feel like testing the waters before venturing into something BIG. You’re young, so whatever the reason, you could try out anything to have some extra bucks in your pocket. Nobody would mind that. This post is a part of a two part series that explores your options here in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, if you’re a university student you know it already, home tuition is a very popular part time income. Even for some service holders this is alluring.

However, in this article, we emphasize on a few other low cost or without any cost business ideas that I think our young generation can try to explore. If you’re wondering, service industries are very common to find on the most profitable small business list. This is generally due to lower overhead and start-up cost. A lot of these you can just start from home. So even if you fail, you’ll learn a lot along the way. Let’s not mention that you could become successful in this multi-billion-dollar market in Dhaka itself!


  1. Online Marketing & Social Media Consultant

Let’s face it: without marketing, businesses cannot survive, so it is no surprise that top-notch marketing consultants are in high demand. You may look at marketers like Solaiman Shukhon!

In 2017, who can deny the appeal of an online presence? Everything is going online. In future, it’ll just grow and grow. Therefore, online marketers are in dire need for all the businesses and organizations out there.

To be honest, business owners rarely have time to hop onto Facebook or Twitter to interact with customers or offer special sales. You may also ask how many owners actually have knowledge on the changing algorithms on Facebook or figure out the need to be on the newest social media channel. This is where your expertise as a social media guru comes into scene.

First, read books, do some research on this, and ensure your own online presence and social media sites are top-notch. Gain some experience by offering it for free to your friends’ businesses or non-profit organizations or your university clubs and societies. Once you gain some experience then you can go to local retailers, restaurants, personal service businesses and others where you think they need online presence.

You might need to spend BDT 10 – 20k to get all started to be an online marketer and social media consultant. You can earn at least BDT 15k if you’re doing it right.


  1. Business Plan Service

Nowadays everyone wants to have his or her own business, the trend has changed in Bangladesh. However, very few people know the importance of a proper business plan. Most people don’t know how to prepare one. Out of millions of small businesses in the country right now, I doubt most of them have business plans – one of the biggest reasons companies fail.

You can come as a saviour and offer a soup-to-nuts business plan, including market research, the detailed plan, and the financial statements. You can market your service by attending business networking events (i.e. DrinkEntrepreneurs Dhaka) and be able to explain why every business needs a proper business plan. There are lot other ways you can draw customers to you.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Digital Advertising Consultant

Remember the old days how you used to look for different services or places? Those days are now long gone. These days you don’t only need a website, but also need that website to rank high on the search engines. Do you think every business owner has that expertise? That’s where you actually come into play to help them out.

Your expertise can help local businesses rise to the top of the search results and ensure the money they spent for advertising is well worth it. As a consultant, you specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising on Google, Facebook, and other websites.

If you have a background in digital marketing, that’d be excellent. You must also have the interest on change and new advances in respective industry.


  1. Import/Export Specialist

Let’s ignore the red-tape barriers and all other issues regarding importing into or exporting products out of Bangladesh, so many actually don’t know how to get started. I often see posts people are looking for this kind of help in different Facebook groups, especially the ones who are doing ecommerce businesses.

You can actually solve this problem to guide them through the complex issues of the export import business like legal, transportation, warehousing etc. First-hand experience is required in this kind of consulting business, so if any of your family member or relatives or friends are doing export import businesses, they’d come very handy. You can start by learning the basics and hosting a few sessions on this to let others know how they can get started in import/export. Or you can actually import or export products for them upon request if you have the right channel.

Graphic designers working at their desk in the office

  1. Graphics Design

For highly creative and visual people, freelance graphics design can be a great way to earn extra. Well, you can definitely consider this as your full time job; just ask the graphics designers – how much they make each month. With digital businesses on the rise, the demand is higher than ever.

It’s simple to get started. If you don’t have any experience at all, just do a course in any of the technical skills institutions; there are plenty in the country. This can be self-taught as well. You need to know software to do this, but most importantly you need to understand the principles of design. You must not forget the client needs, you need to have high patience while you’re going to handle clients. Cause they will ask you to change your design a lot more times than you think.


So there you have 5 ideas to get you thinking, don’t forget to come back next week to find the next part of this series. And if you do become a freelancer, don’t forget to sign up with DeshiPro so we can help you reach more potential clients.

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