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DeshiPro at Tech Talk on “Innovation Challenge and Entrepreneurship”

Tanzeev Haque DeshiPro NSU Innovation Challenge

DeshiPro participated on a Tech Talk on “Innovation Challenges and Entrepreneurship” on 17th August at North South University Auditorium arranged by NSU ACM Student Chapter (NSU ACM SC). This talk was hold in parallel with “Capstone Design Project Showcase – Summer 2017”. The graduating students of the ECE department at North South University developed a real life project under “Senior Design Project” course for two semesters consecutively. We call it “Capstone Design Project”. Usually they come up with some idea, design, develop and then showcase their projects at the end of the semester. NSU believe this capstone design projects can be taken as innovation challenge so that students come up with innovative ideas, develop MVPs (minimum viable products) during the eight months of their Senior Design Project course, and then collaborate with industries to build successful startups.

Bangladesh is witnessing an emergence of tech start-ups. DeshiPro is a Company which tries to disrupt existing service market in Bangladesh with their ingenious solutions and acting as sources of inspiration for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs, hoping to make their marks in the technology industry.

The idea of this tech talk is to help students to connect industry experts to take their capstone design projects to the next level. Speakers shared their stories about the hurdles they faced in founding and leading their companies, and how they overcame those. In addition, the speakers elucidated the importance of innovation for achieving sustainable growth in today’s competitive tech industry.

In essence, the CEO of DeshiPro, Tanzeev Haque gave the students practical advice on how they can turn their capstone projects into marketable products or services.  Moreover, he talked about his journey and experience in making DeshiPro a competitive start up in the market. He said that he wants to empower people of Bangladesh through DeshiPro and not to just earn money. He has motivated the students throughout the event and later visited student’s table to see their innovative projects.

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