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The Business of Photography Workshop


DeshiPro along with Mr Tanvir Ali, of Wedding Moments hosted a free photography workshop called The Business of Photography. Unlike normal workshops, this focused on the business aspects of photography and how to take it from a passion to a full fledged business. Attendees were given an insight into the workings of a successful wedding photography business and the steps required to get there. Tanvir Ali shared the aspects of business that helped him become as popular as he is, as well as common newbie mistakes.

Overall it was a successful event where the attendees felt they received a great deal of practical knowledge that they would not have otherwise gained without experience. DeshiPro offers these workshops to inspire individuals to find employment opportunities in an oversaturated job market. DeshiPro allows professionals to sign up to our platform and find clients for their services. If you want to find your passion, or turn your current passion into a career, keep a lookout for our future workshops.


photography-workshop-dhaka photography-workshop-dhaka

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